Scallops with papaya, lime,
green chili, white onion, passion fruit, cilantro 115 kr

Salmon with mango, cucumber,
tomatillo, jicama, jalapeño and carrot 110 kr

Cod with lime, orange, tomato,
red onion, avocado and grilled corn 105 kr



Surf and turf, shrimps and pork with chimichurri aioli,
chili-lime slaw and manchego 140 kr

Beer battered crispy cod with chipotle mayo,
green apple slaw and cilantro 125 kr

Pulled lamb, green herb sauce with chick peas,
lime, manchego and pickled red onion 135 kr

Chili baked pork al pastor, grilled pineapple slaw,
lime and salsa roja 130 kr

Garbanzo with roasted garlic dressing,
pickled red cabbage and feta cheese 135 kr

Hot crispy cauliflower, blackened tomato salsa,
cilantro, carrot and red cabbage slaw 125 kr

Carne asada with grilled peppers, yellow onion,
salsa roja, cheddar cheese and cilantro 145 kr

Crispy corn chicken with roasted corn salsa,
guacachili and cilantro 130 kr



Oysters with passion fruit
and chili vinaigrette 1×35 kr 3×95 kr 6×180 kr

Green pork sausage quesadillas with crema and
chipotle salsa 95 kr

Taquitos with prime rib, jalapeno, cheddar cheese
and salsa verde85 kr

Chilaquiles with egg, sweet corn, black bean and
avocado 95 kr

Selections of tree seasonal salsas 75 kr

• Traditional 85 kr
• Chipotle and almond 85 kr
• Grilled corn and queso fresco 85 kr

A tasting of all guacamoles and salsas 160 kr



Spiced red rice and black refried beans 45 kr

Corn fritters with red pepper mayo, cheddar cheese and cilantro 65 kr

Sweet potato fries, cilantro, manchego and chipotle mayo 55 kr

Melted cheese with pickled jalapeno and corn-tomato
salsa on totopo chips 95 kr



Sweet corn cake with coconut-lime sorbet,
mango puree and cornflakes 75 kr

Vanilla ice cream with popcorn and bourbon caramel sauce 75 kr

Churros with hot chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream 75 kr

Sorbet/ ice cream of the day 40 kr